I did not receive the form data

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    Asked on November 03, 2011 at 04:09 AM

    a client on my form and attached files found but the form has not arrived. Reached only the attached file. How can you identify? And how can I prevent this from happening again?

    So far this has happened with just one customer. The othersreceived correctly!




    my e-mail


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    Answered on November 03, 2011 at 07:05 AM

    Hi Eudes,

    I have made a sample submission in your form (sorry for not letting you know), could you please confirm if you have received all my answers with sample attached files?. I would also like to suggest using this link http://www.jotform.com/form/12752038547  instead of http://form.jotform.com/form/12752038547 , although they are both working good but we most prefer on http://www.

    Please reply here asap, so we can provide more information about your concern. Thank you so much and have a great day!

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    Answered on November 03, 2011 at 07:27 AM

    Recebi o formulário em PDF e 2 arquivos 1.png e test.png

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    Answered on November 03, 2011 at 07:36 AM

    I received the form in PDF files and 2 and test.png 1.png

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    Answered on November 03, 2011 at 08:50 AM


    yes, please try using the  http://www.jotform.com/form/12752038547 address format for your form as suggested by my collegue. 

    I am sure you understand, Its quite difficult for us to troubleshoot an issue where there has only been one occurence of it. From any tests we have done, your form seems perfectly fine. 

    We will monitor the situation as much as we can, and if you do see or hear of the problem happening again, please report back & we will have the developers have a closer look at it.