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    Asked on April 08, 2015 at 10:28 AM

    is there a way to add a close form button to any form?  I want to open a browser in Kiosk mode with a jotform. But need a way to close the form while in kiosk mode.

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    Answered on April 08, 2015 at 01:34 PM

    Would you like to close the browser window or just to open a blank form after submission?

    If you wish to open a blank form after submission please select a custom thank you url and add the form's url:

    If you wish to close the browser window please add an external thank you page with the custom url method:

    In this custom thank you page you can paste this code:



    <style type="text/css">


    .para {

    text-align: center;




    <body onload="setTimeout('window.close()', 3000)">

    <p class="para"><img src="//" width="250" height="100"> </p>






    You can edit the blue part to reduce the time it takes to close the window.

    You can test the code here: 

    Let us know if further support is needed.

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    Answered on April 08, 2015 at 01:41 PM

    I need to be able to close this form via a button, before the submit button is clicked. What if a user changes their mind and doesn't want to enter any information.  If the browser is in Kiosk mode, there is no other way to close the window other then typing ALT+F4. Now what I did was created an iFrame in a separate html file that calls the jotform and added a close button under the iFrame element, but that seems kind of kludgy.  Do you have a simpler self contained suggestion?

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    Answered on April 08, 2015 at 03:13 PM

    Though we do not have a "Close Form" button, we do have a "Clear Form" button:

    (1) Go into your Formbuilder for the Form you want to add this to.

    (2) Highlight the " Submit Button " Field (this should automatically put you on the Properties: Submit) tab.

    (3) At the top toolbar of the formbuilder you'll see " Reset Button ", click it once to turn it on.

    (4) You will then see the " Clear Form " button added automatically to the right side of the submit button on your form.

    Unfortunately this is as close as we have at this time.  There is not button to fully close the form.