What is going on with jot form

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    Asked on November 09, 2011 at 10:19 AM

    Getting a little annoyed as i am paying for a service and your website is not being very reliable.


    1. I created a folder and moved a few of my forms in to it . 

    Today the folder has vanished and my forms are back in one long list.


    2. I setup dropbox intergration and it disabled on its own so the forms have not been piushed to my dropbox!!! I need the forms that have been filled in pusing to my dropbox , how can i or you do this ? 


    3. I have signed in about 15 times today which is very frustrating.


    4. It keeps saying i have no forms then i refresh page then there bac . Grrrrrr please sort your website out ASAP.

    5. I see others have complained via twitter , i complained also but no body has repsonded hence me sending this emai via your unreliable website!


    Please get back to me asap.


    Rob Cheshire

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    Answered on November 09, 2011 at 03:22 PM

    Hello Rob,

    1. I see your folder on our server with 8 Forms in it. 

    2. Can you tell me which forms you are having this issue with DropBox on? Have you re-enabled the integration yourself? I checked one of your forms and it looks fine. 

    3. Please try deleting cookies, temporary internet files. what URL are you using to log into JotForm?

    4. From the symptoms, you have outlined above, It appears you have some kind of localised login issue. Have you tried a different web browser? We arent seeing other users complaining about the status of our services. Believe me, when there is some major issue broadly affecting our 500,000 users, within minutes we get swamped with people reporting problems with their forms. That just not the case today.

    I do however, understand & recognise your frustration, you paid for service, you expect it work perfectly all the time.

    To summarise my questions from above:

    1. are the issues you have reported still persisting?

    2. What URL are you using to access JotForm?

    3. Have you tried a different web browser, or even different PC to access JotForm?