Setting Up Email From: & To: Properly?

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    Asked on November 09, 2011 at 12:39 PM

    Hi JotForm - I'm seeing different variations of similar questions on the forums, but none seem to do the trick. 

    Scenario: I have created two forms with my account for two different clients. The sender & recipient details need to be different as such, but everything is tied to my account

    Issue: When somebody hits the 'submit button' I would like the following to show up in the email they receive:

    from:  Clients Email (not my personal one)
    reply-to:  Clients Email (not my personal one)
    to:  This is correct

    I imagine these settings get changed on the Sender & Recipient Details page, but I don't get an option to include a different email address other than my personal one on the recipient email field. Is the only option to have it come from 'no-reply@jotform?'.

    Otherwise, for a mostly free program, awesome work. But, this issue would help web developers / editors greatly!

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    Answered on November 09, 2011 at 05:44 PM

    I really hope I am understanding your question OK here


    You could use a Hidden Box with the clients email on it. 

    Its in Power Tools, add the Hidden Box to your form, 1) give it a name, 2) click the properties of the hidden box & 3) set the default value to your Clients Email address:



    You may want to remove this hidden box from your notification mails, so find it in the Email Notification composition & delete it. 


    Then in the Recipient & Reply to settings just change Sender & Sender Email to the name of that hidden field.


    Please be aware that many email service providers can treat as spam mails whose sender email (i.e from) domain doesnt match the domain of that which is actually sending it. If that does indeed seem to be happening, the recipient of these emails may have to whitelist JotForms mail servers:,,,

    Hope that helps.