How to change the rounding and tax values in the payment total?

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    Asked on April 28, 2015 at 02:08 AM

    Hi good people of Jotform,

    Is there a way that either a) the live pricing can be calculated in the same way as in the preview, rounding only at the item total, or b) giving users the option of having a tax-inclusive price for products?

    For example, we sell products and to have a flat figure after adding tax (at 10%) we set our products to have more than 2 decimal places (e.g. to pay $114.00 after a 10% tax, set the base price as $103.6363).  We thought this worked as when we run a preview of the form, we get our intended figure - e.g. 6 units of the above show as $621.82 plus $62.18 tax to be $684.00 - but when customers use the form live, the rounding kicks in giving 6x $103.64, being $621.84, which with the $62.18 tax gives $684.02.

    If either the preview was matched by live or if a tax-inclusive option is available, that would solve these small headaches.



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    Answered on April 28, 2015 at 09:59 AM


    I assume you are already familiar with the tax option in the Payment wizard? Here's a guide on that:

    If you would like to control the calculation and the decimal places, what I could recommend is that you change the products in your Payment wizard into plain form fields, which means you will manually add them. You can use the Form Calculation widget to manually calculate the prices for each product, here's a guide for that: You'll see in the advance option for the Form Calculation widget that you can control the decimal places and you have other math functions there.

    You can then follow this guide on how to pass the form calculation total to the total field in your payment tool, here's a guide on that:

    This should give you a more dynamic way of controlling the results for each prices in your product.

    Do let us know if you need more assistance on this.