How do I add conditions for payments?

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    Asked on May 08, 2015 at 10:07 AM

    If people want to pay by cash or check, I need them to be able to click submit and not have them taken to the paypal page. Can someone please tell me how to do this quickly? The form is live and we are getting reservations, but people who want to pay by cash or check are not able to as they are taken straight to the paypal page.


    By the way, it would have been great is I could have picked up the phone and asked this question instead of submitting it in an email and waiting for the response!!!!!

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    Answered on May 08, 2015 at 12:05 PM


    If you would like to have multiple payment options, the best way to go about it would be to have the selection for the number of tickets made outside of the PayPal field, then have the total forwarded via a calculation field to the payment field. 

    Here is how to setup the dropdown for your ticket amounts, this includes their associated calculation values:

    You would then pass those values to a calculation field for the total that will either be pass as data through the form or to the payment field if they select to pay by credit card:

    Then you collect the amount through the payment field:

    Once that is set up, you hide or show the payment filed based on whether or not they select the credit card option:

    This way, your users will only be forwarded to PayPal if they select the option to pay that way.  The total will be collected in the form no matter what.

    Here is the test form I setup to show you how it works:

    If you have any further questions, let us know and we will be happy to help.