How do I use the form in Google Forms?

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    Asked on May 15, 2015 at 01:47 PM

    I was referred to your form to use for the upload forms feature to add to my google forms?  Is this something that I can do.  Also how do I generate a link to this form?

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    Answered on May 15, 2015 at 03:27 PM

    I'm not sure if I understand your concern correctly.

    Google Forms is a different product, what we have here is Jotform, a web based form builder. The forms here are hosted in our servers. However, you can integrate your Jotform Forms to Google Spreadsheet and Google Drive, in that way, submissions are easily backup to another storage, aside from our data centers. It would also be a good way to managed your data in a spreadsheet. 

    Another way I understand it, you would like to pass the form field values from one Jotform Form to a Google Form, is that something you would like to achieve? If that's the case, please do let us know. You can share us the Google Form and the Jotform form so that we can better understand you.

    For detailed information for the two, please check out these guides: Alternative to Google Forms, Jotform vs Google Forms.

    Thank you.


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    Answered on October 09, 2015 at 04:07 PM

    Just as an aside, we just wrote up an article on 6 reasons why Jotform is the preferred alternative to Google Forms. if you would like to import your form from Google Forms to Jotform, you can easily move all of them in a second with using Jotform import tool.

    Check it out!