Total amount in the payment field is displaying wrong values

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    Asked on May 19, 2015 at 03:12 PM

    My form computes a total based values entered into various fields. So far 5 out of 111 submissions have had the wrong amount charged based on the computed amount. Appreciate any help that can be provided.

    Form is embedded using iFrame.

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    Answered on May 19, 2015 at 04:10 PM

    I have tested your form and from what I can see Total amount field is working correctly. 

    Also when I checked conditions inside of your form I noticed that you have conditions for some fields that are deleted. You should remove those conditions form your form.


    Also can you please provide us ID of those 5 submissions that had the wrong amount charged based on the computed amount. 

    Hope this will help. Looking forward to your reply. 

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    Answered on May 20, 2015 at 10:43 AM

    The unique id field for the incorrect calculations are YC2015-022, YC2015-025, YC2015-036, YC2015-041, YC2015-078.

    I've removed the deleted fields from the conditions wizard.


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    Answered on May 20, 2015 at 11:44 AM

    I have checked submissions you have mentioned and you are right they have wrong amount charged. From what I could see Total amount is good but amount charged is not.

    As far as I can tell everything is fine at our end. Also your submissions are recording the full amount so if there is a problem at our end then it is happening during the connection to Considering that Total amount is good and charger amount is not I would suggest you to contact and see if they can help you. If not please get back to us and we will ask out developer to investigate this further.

    Hope this will help. Looking forward to your reply.


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    Answered on August 08, 2015 at 01:06 PM

    I'm having an issue (similar to VACOGYD's) with a form I've built:

    In this form, I've assigned values as follows to various selection options:

    In the "Package of Prints" dropdown:

    - Package #1 = 99

    - Package #2 = 69

    - Package #3 = 49

    - No Package = 0

    In the "Want a CD" dropdown:

    - Yes = 125

    - No = 0

    The "Total Price" field is to sum the values of the user's selections in these two fields, multiply the sum by 1.075, then add 25.

    So a user who selects Package #1 and Yes should see a "Total Price" of $265.80 . . . but instead the form shows a total of $233.65, because (I assume) it is using the 69 value of Package #2 in the calculation. How can I fix this?

    Also: How can I make a $ sign appear automatically on the far left inside the "Total Price" field? I went into the field's Properties and typed a $ in the Default Result box, but it doesn't seem to be working.

    And: Is it possible to prevent a number from appearing in the "Total Price" field before the user has made any selections (i.e, on page load)?

    Thank you.

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    Answered on August 08, 2015 at 08:26 PM

    @jimchicago, your inquiry will be addressed on this thread: