Email Notification: Wrong text of contract terms

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    Asked on May 22, 2015 at 12:15 AM

    I sent a contract to a client and the wording came back incorrect!? I have my business name listed in the contract correctly when I created and and the submission from the client states XYZ photography? What is going on?



    "3. Payment Arrangement

    The Client will pay the Photographer the total fee specified in the invoice they receive from XYZ Photography. The total fee will include the number of hours specified in the Type of Session as well as mileage and lodging as specified below whensoever it applies.
    For photography sessions beyond 10 miles of the city limits of  TOWN, STATE the Client is responsible to pay mileage for the excess amount (roundtrip). Mileage is to be calculated at the current federal rate of $0.565 per mile and will be clearly presented on XYZ Photography's Invoice to the Client.

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    Answered on May 22, 2015 at 03:22 AM

    Hello 3dPhotoaz.

    I can see the cause of this issue, you have accidentally mistyped this text in your email notification:

    This means that your client / contractor has seen the proper terms, they have signed the proper terms and you have the proper submission saved within your submissions.

    To prevent the wrong text in the email notification from happening in the future, you should correct the wording in your email notification.

    Please click Setup & Embed > Emails > Notification.

    In the popup that opens, please review the text and make your corrections, as desired.

    Please let us know if you need further assistance.