I'm unable to import my submissions using your app

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    Asked on May 29, 2015 at 01:22 PM
    I have tried that solution (import app mentioned above ).. but I cannot see any submissions again .  I had previously the whole history in excel sheet converted from my form submission itself but when I want to see the submission I see nothing . Please advise what is wrong ? I need to know what to do to see my submissions again . In the panel it shows that submissions is there . but when I open and click on submissions ,, it gives me " No result to show"
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    Answered on May 29, 2015 at 01:38 PM


    Here is our guide on how to use the import app to import your data from a CSV file:


    Make sure your headers match your field data and are in the same order your data is presented.

    I also saw you had several deleted forms in your trash that have a large amount of submissions.  Check to make sure one of those doesn't contain the submissions you are looking for:



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    Answered on May 30, 2015 at 01:56 AM

    Hello David , 

    In fact I was trying to test if that gonna work as my data in the original form( Vessel Details Control Sheet)  is still as it is with 106 entries , I deleted in that 70 entries which I want them again . So I think I need to understand how the headers are written as it is difficult for me to match the way the header was given by the application ,  with the original headers that was imported in the excel from my current form.The app does not give correct logical orders of how the original headers were constructed by the user ..

    The test template is about 176 submissions and it remains in the deleted items now .. its name is Vessel Details Control Sheet b. It is located now in the archive ..I moved it. 

    When you open  my archive items,  the sheet b. you will find the data .. but
    1-Entries were not  imported  in its  right place .  
    2- Date of submission is not correct and in negative values .
    3- Any field that contain Date , it is not coming in the form of date it comes as a big numbr
    4- Apparently the headers in the way it was given to me by  the app. through the link
    http://import.jotform.io/  is not logically representing the original order of the headers in the excel sheet .. hence the data came not in order 

    Please help me understand how can I arrange the headers given to me  through your app.  or arrange it for me to read the correct logic then I will take it from you to put in my excel sheet (exported from of the submissions from jotform itself   so i can get the form imported again in a correct manner .

     Again I am finding so difficult to understand how your app. has transferred the name of my headers to read as it is written in the example below and consequently I cannot succeed to re-arrange it again as per the original headers

    Example : 

    ( See as below , 138_Port of Discharge7_ textbox) comes in the first header .. while if I can understand that it should come it the 7the header ( this is what your system is telling still i find that wrong ) if you look at my form you will find  the first column was talking about date of creation .. then second the Vessel name and voyage then the third  is B/L No. then fourth is Invoice No. , then fifth is shipment number then sixth is Port then then seventh is Remark ) I really cannot match for example 139 remark 8 is related to which raw or column ) . the app has changed the logical order of my original headers hence why data is not coming in its correct place .

    This is what was given to me by your application :

    created_at 138_Port of Discharge7_textbox 139_Remark8_textbox 3_Vessel  & Voyag_fullname 140_Port of Discharge8_textbox 21_B/L Number2_textbox 9_B/L Number1_textbox 12_Invoice Number1_textbox 126_Remark1_textbox 125_Port of Discharge1_textbox 50_Shipment Number1_textbox 144_Port of Discharge10_textbox 36_Invoice Number4_textbox 38_B/L Number4_textbox 24_Invoice Number2_textbox 26_Invoice Number3_textbox 130_Remark3_textbox 47_Port of Discharge3_textbox 49_Shipment Number2_textbox 35_B/L Number3_textbox 129_Shipment Number3_textbox 128_Remark2_textbox 127_Port of Discharge2_textbox 150_Port of Discharge13_textbox 54_B/L Number5_textbox 132_Remark4_textbox 131_Port of Discharge4_textbox 52_Shipment Number4_textbox 152_Port of Discharge14_textbox 59_B/L Number12_textbox 61_Invoice Number11_textbox 62_B/L Number11_textbox 63_Shipment Number10_textbox 64_Invoice Number10_textbox 65_B/L Number10_textbox 66_Shipment Number9_textbox 67_Invoice Number9_textbox 68_B/L Number9_textbox 69_Shipment Number8_textbox 70_Invoice Number8_textbox 71_B/L Number8_textbox 72_Shipment Number7_textbox 73_Invoice Number7_textbox 60_Shipment Number11_textbox 75_Shipment Number6_textbox 76_Invoice Number6_textbox 55_B/L Number6_textbox 146_Port of Discharge11_textbox 145_Remark11_textbox 143_Remark10_textbox 142_Port of Discharge9_textbox 141_Remark9_textbox 137_Remark7_textbox 136_Port of Discharge6_textbox 135_Remark6_textbox 134_Port of Discharge5_textbox 133_Remark5_textbox 56_B/L Number7_textbox 46_Shipment Number5_textbox 53_Invoice Number5_textbox 168_Port of Discharge21_textbox 108_B/L Number16_textbox 154_Port of Discharge15_textbox 153_Remark15_textbox 151_Remark14_textbox 149_Remark13_textbox 148_Port of Discharge12_textbox 147_Remark12_textbox 95_B/L Number13_textbox 96_Invoice Number13_textbox 97_Shipment Number13_textbox 99_B/L Number14_textbox 101_Invoice Number14_textbox 102_Shipment Number14_textbox 104_B/L Number15_textbox 106_Shipment Number15_textbox 58_Invoice Number12_textbox 57_Shipment Number12_textbox 105_Invoice Number15_textbox 178_Port of Discharge23_textbox 224_Remark32_textbox 223_Port of Discharge32_textbox 222_Shipment Number32_textbox 122_Shipment Number19_textbox 121_Invoice Number19_textbox 120_B/L Number19_textbox 221_B/L Number32_textbox 220_B/L Number32_textbox 219_Remark31_textbox 118_Shipment Number18_textbox 218_Port of Discharge31_textbox 217_Shipment Number31_textbox 216_B/L Number31_textbox 79_B/L Number20_textbox 78_Shipment Number20_textbox 117_Invoice Number18_textbox 116_B/L Number18_textbox 114_Shipment Number17_textbox 77_Invoice Number20_textbox 113_Invoice Number17_textbox 215_B/L Number31_textbox 112_B/L Number17_textbox 110_Shipment Number16_textbox 155_Remark16_textbox 156_Port of Discharge16_textbox 157_Remark17_textbox 158_Port of Discharge17_textbox 159_Remark18_textbox 160_Port of Discharge18_textbox 161_Remark19_textbox 162_Port of Discharge19_textbox 163_Remark20_textbox 164_Port of Discharge20_textbox 165_B/L Number21_textbox 166_Invoice Number21_textbox 167_Shipment Number21_textbox 109_Invoice Number16_textbox 169_Remark21_textbox 170_B/L Number22_textbox 171_Invoice Number22_textbox 172_Shipment Number22_textbox 173_Port of Discharge22_textbox 174_Remark22_textbox 175_B/L Number23_textbox 176_Invoice Number23_textbox 177_Shipment Number23_textbox 214_Remark30_textbox 179_Remark23_textbox 180_B/L Number24_textbox 181_Invoice Number24_textbox 182_Shipment Number24_textbox 183_Port of Discharge24_textbox 184_Remark24_textbox 185_B/L Number25_textbox 186_Invoice Number25_textbox 187_Shipment Number25_textbox 188_Port of Discharge25_textbox 189_Remark25_textbox 190_B/L Number26_textbox 191_Invoice Number26_textbox 192_Shipment Number26_textbox 193_Port of Discharge26_textbox 194_Remark26_textbox 195_B/L Number27_textbox 196_Invoice Number27_textbox 197_Shipment Number27_textbox 198_Port of Discharge27_textbox 199_Remark27_textbox 200_B/L Number28_textbox 201_B/L Number28_textbox 202_Shipment Number28_textbox 203_Port of Discharge28_textbox 204_Remark28_textbox 205_B/L Number29_textbox 206_B/L Number29_textbox 207_Shipment Number29_textbox 208_Port of Discharge29_textbox 209_Remark29_textbox 210_B/L Number30_textbox 211_B/L Number30_textbox 212_Shipment Number30_textbox 213_Port of Discharge30_textbox 43_Outstanding _textbox 51_Status_checkbox 34_B/Ls Date_datetime 124_Signature_dropdown 74_Shipping Line_textbox 80_Due Date_datetime 41_Total _textbox 44_Remarks_textarea 81_Implications_textarea

    Thanks for your urgent help as the info I have in this form is crucial and it was a mistake to remove the fields due to misunderstanding of your message that I am almost out of space ..as i guess it was an advertisement ( when i checked i found that the 100 mega is related to the capacity allowed for the upload and not for the amount of entries I made .. so I started to delete field so my quota in your site does not exceed .. Correct me if I am wrong -  That what caused me to delete the Fields. 

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    Answered on May 30, 2015 at 09:41 AM

    If you want to also add the submission date manually, make sure you've included it in the template file.

    Try using the .xls template format by copying/pasting the provided example into a spreadsheet.

    Then save the file as .xls and try to import it to the app with the data you want to recover.

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    Answered on May 30, 2015 at 10:36 AM


    Hi Raul , 

    It seems that you did not go through my post fully .. ok I followed the above steps , the data was added  BUT ...here is the difficulty I faced after I followed the instructions in your post 

    1-Entries were not  imported  in its  right place .  
    2- Date of submission is not correct and in negative values .
    3- Any field that contain Date , it is not coming in the form of date it comes as a big number
    4- Apparently the headers in the way it was given to me by  the app. through the link  http://import.jotform.io/  is not logically representing the original order of the headers in the excel sheet .. hence the data came not in order . 

    Please see yourself  and compare with the clone here 




    and the original form here 



    You will see the difference in how the data are not arranged correctly also the values in terms of numbers are not correct .

     This is the template I used from the excel sheet I took last time from the form before deleting the last 70 entries and putting the headers your app suggested me to put instead of my original headers. 



    Let me know your feedback


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    Answered on May 30, 2015 at 11:51 AM

    Can you send us the excel file you're using to import your submissions to our email address support@jotform.com so we can evaluate it and make some tests on our side? Please include this thread number (578663) in the subject so we can know that the email is related to this thread.

    Thank you.

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    Answered on May 30, 2015 at 12:37 PM

    Mail Sent . 

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    Answered on June 01, 2015 at 08:14 PM

    I've checked the provided files and you have to leave the header texts exactly as they are provided by the app.

    You're trying to use an exported Excel file as it is and the app doesn't work that way. You need to copy/paste the data from the Excel files you have to the corresponding header in the template that is provided by the app.

    I've sent you by email the template file that you need to use so you can copy/paste the values you want to import to the corresponding column.

    If you need further assistance, please let us know.