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    Asked on April 18, 2010 at 08:48 AM
    This question seems to have been asked a few times
    but I seem unable to find an answer that relates specifically to my problem.

    I understand you remove the Jotform logo by simply removing or replacing it from the html view code.
    If I do this the form does correctly send without the Jotform logo.

    The problem I face is that any change I make to the pre generated html code causes my forms to stop sending the correct 'from' value and changes it to instead of the users email address. If I choose text submissions that also causes the 'from' value to be changed to noreply@jotform

    The only way to keep the form fillers email value to be that of the 'from' is to leave the html exactly as generated with the Jotform logo showing

    If I remove the logo, everything looks fine if I use the 'send test email' option to send to my email during set up, but as soon as I complete a form for real from a webpage it loses the 'from' value

    Any help appreciated


    I have noticed..  the email actually would reply to the correct address if you hit reply

    For example

    Edit the form to remove the Jotform logo
    The form is set to be Name and Email in the top left of the postcard

    Name Bob and Email submits a form
    When the form arrives it correctly has no Jotform logo
    but incorrectly shows as being from Bob ( instead of Bob (
    If I hit reply it correctly puts into the recipient field on the email

    So the problem is that it shows the 'from' email incorrectly,
    it shows it as ( even though it sends correctly to the users email they submitted

    am I doing something wrong or is that a bug please?

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    Answered on April 19, 2010 at 10:14 AM
    I changed the title of the post since it did not have anything to do with the JotForm logo.

    On the "Email Wizard", you can change the Sender Name and Email fields. If you change them correctly, it should be from your name and email address. Please see this page:

    If it still does not work as you would like, please send me the URL of the form.
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    Answered on April 19, 2010 at 10:58 AM
    Thanks for the reply aytekin

    I think it is related to the form logo as everytime I try and edit and remove the form logo from the html it changes the 'From' address in the forms to be instead of the email address that the sender puts in even though I have it set correctly as per the image of the postcard you linked

    If I leave the html alone that includes the logo it is fine

    Example I just sent a form that I have
    The postcard shows Name  and Email

    I filled in Name as rob  and Email as rob@car*****
    When it arrived it showed it as being from

    From: rob (
    Sent: 19 April 2010 15:51:37

    It should have shown rob (rob@car*****
    Because I have the Name and Email set on the postcard

    If I hit reply from my email it does correctly show rob@car***** in the recipient field
    So why does it show 
    From: rob (
    In my inbox

    I understand the concept of the postcard and the Name and Email on the postcard, what I am saying is when I edit the html to remove the logo, when the form comes it shows as being from the correct Name but the Email it says it has come from is instead of the email the user entered

    I have replied to serkan email as he replied to my email to support with the ID of one of my forms

    FYI support replied and stated...
    It was changed like that so that it no longer gets treated as spam (which is a good thing of course)
    What is worth noting though (and this was the point I was trying to get accross that this may be a bug) is that if you do not alter the html logo code at all and leave it exactly as generated by the wizard it works as before and shows the real From email address (but treats it as spam again lol, can't have it allways I guess)

    Thanks again