Forms not saving exactly

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    Asked on November 21, 2011 at 12:53 PM

    Hello, I have a question I need answered but I would appreciate a call back instead. I will try to explain the situation below but it is kind of hard to explain in writing.


    Our form "First session forms" is not saving correctly. When you click edit this form you see every question is numbered. When you preview from inside the edit function you still see the numbers. However, when you back out and are in the My forms page and preview the form from there there are NO NUMBERS. This is how it links to our homepage where we have put the form up. We need those numbers in for tracking purposes. Why is it not saving exactly the same and how can we fix it? 



    I can be reached at 571-217-7460 directly.

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    Answered on November 21, 2011 at 01:17 PM

    I'm afraid we do not offer phone support as JotForm decided that the forum is one of the best ways to solve issues. JotForm Support will help you with your concerns the best way that we could.

    I checked your form and it seemed like a very long list. This is how your form looks like in my end: History Form

    I noticed 'Education' block started with #11. I cloned your form here and I have no issues making changes, say changing #11 to #7.

    For your form, it takes relatively longer to save the form so please make sure that the process of saving in your form editor has ended before checking the form directly.

    If I misunderstood the change that you were trying to accomplish, can you specify what exactly you are editing 'from' and the 'outcome' you need.

    Thank you and I'm looking forward to resolving this quickly.