Form added in Facebook Page tab is not displaying in mobile device?

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    Asked on June 08, 2015 at 09:00 AM

    i was created some forms for my facebook pages, after applied, they are perfect on PC view, but they are not appearing on mobile view, i mean i cant find the app appear on my pages. i need help urgently, please...

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    Answered on June 08, 2015 at 10:41 AM

    If you check your form directly:, you can see that the form itself is not responsive. Please make sure that your form is mobile responsive by following this guide:

    Hope this helps. Let us know if the issue is still the same. Thank you.

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    Answered on June 08, 2015 at 02:28 PM

    But i still cant see the tab appear while i view from mobile, as u can see i name the tab as Buy Now!.

    it is perfect on PC but not viewable on Facebook app on mobile.

    this is my page link:

    On PC, you can see BUY NOW! button left side in the Apps column, but nowhere in mobile.

    i need your help please....

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    Answered on June 08, 2015 at 03:05 PM

    I have checked your form in my android smart phone, after downloading the facebook android app, I accesed your fan page and the Buy now! tab that leads me to the form, and it works.

    It looks as follows:

    Let us know if we can assist you further.


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    Answered on June 09, 2015 at 12:19 AM

    may i know where u found the BUY NOW tab on the page please? i cant find the BUY NOW tab when browsing the FB page using my mobile...

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    Answered on June 09, 2015 at 02:51 AM

    If you click the "Shop Now" in your mobile device, it will open your page into a desktop view showing the "Buy Now" tab. 

    Unfortunately, current embed code using the "Add JotForm Tab" does not work on mobile device, I believe. You can check the discussion of it here: Other apps in the page is also not currently supported, based from the said discussion. 

    You can also use an alternative on this using custom iFrame Apps, you can check this guide: You can also read in the FAQs there about the mobile device.

    I've quoted it here:

    "1. The page tab does not appear on mobile devices?

    - Page tab apps are not supported on mobile devices by Facebook's Platform. However, Static Iframe Tab App provides direct URL to your page tab that is viewable on mobile devices. To get your page direct URL, simply edit your Facebook tab and copy the link you see on the Tab URL box."
    I hope that helps.
    Thank you.