Auto-Responding Problems After Multiple Approvals

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    Asked on June 09, 2015 at 12:50 PM

    I have been struggling with the auto-responder ... if there is a condition that delays the auto-response email to be sent after multiple approvals.

    It is a double-approval form (with condition emails sent to each approver in the appropriate order), and I want the auto-responder to be sent to the person who submitted the original form - AFTER the second approval. I have set the condition to send the auto-respond email to the original person if the Business Manager Approval field has been filled. 
    It is not working when I go through the whole double-approval process. The only time the auto-responder works is if I remove the condition and have it sent immediately after the person submitted the form. 
    Can you see if I am doing anything wrong? Thank you so much for your help. 
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    Answered on June 09, 2015 at 01:49 PM

    Please replace the Autoresponder with an Email Notification, and your conditions should start working the way that you expect them to.

    The reason that your Autoresponder is not being sent after the approval process is that Autoresponders are only sent immediately when the form is initially submitted, by the first submitter. As your form approval process requires that people subsequently edit the form and re-submit it, the Autoresponder is not being sent when its condition is finally being met, and a notification is much more suitable for this use-case.

    Don't forget to add conditions to that new Email Notification, and when setting up your new Condition, please enter this as the recipient: {email} - it will then take the value from the Email field and use that for the recipient.

    Please let us know if you need further assistance, we will be happy to help.