Forms NOT showing in various browsers but in some

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    Asked on June 14, 2015 at 02:57 PM

    why will one and the same form be visible in chrome and not in waterfox or inetrnet explorer, but again in safari and firefox neither.


    in inspect element within chrome the form shows not issues. In waterfox or the other browsers it shows a div class with overflow hidden.


    I'm working with webdesigner 11 pro and yes I have placed the code as an I frame in a place holder which in turn is the correct size.


    I'm not a code person so please dont tell me to remove the code.

    tets spot:

    screen shot:

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    Answered on June 14, 2015 at 05:21 PM

    I was also able to see the issue on Firefox and IE browser.

    When I check on your website, I could not see the form using the mentioned browsers



    Although it is visible when using Chrome browser, it is not without issue also. I can see error in the browser console as well.


    From what I have collected so far, I think you must be using Xara Designer Pro as your website editor.

    The issue with the form not showing on FF and IE must be related to the height of container not properly setup during the design mode on your website page.

    I recommend checking also this discussion thread as the same issue was also resolved by the user.

    The user  danieljcater had provided a steps on how to fix the issue.

    Allen's video did the trick. The problem wasn't the page size, it was 

    the way I was pasting the code into the web page.

    In Xara Designer Pro X10, you need to first draw a rectangle graphic in  your web page to the approximate size you want the form and adjust it's 

    web properties to convert it to a placeholder to contain the Jotform 

    html. To do this, once you have the rectangle graphic in place, right 

    #1. click inside the graphic to open its "Web Properties" dialogue box. 


    #2. Click on the "Placeholder" tab then click on the "Replace with html 

    code" button and paste into the dialogue box the code you copied from 



    #3. Click "OK" to go back to "Web Properties" and check the 

    "re-generate placeholder image automatically" box.


    #4. Click OK and the form 

    will be placed and working. If part of the form is missing, play with 

    the page boundaries and the form boundaries until you're happy.


    #5. View in "Web Preview" mode to see how it behaves in various browsers.


    They refer to the video guide



    Hope this help. Please let us know if still not resolve.