Form hangs on web page due to Required validation

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    Asked on June 17, 2015 at 03:02 AM

    I am also having some people inform me about my webpage having script issues

    I have a list of @250 songs, each with a checkbox. It sounds like the number of songs/checkboxes is my problem.

    Is there a way to split into 2 forms on the same webpage where the person would only have to enter email address/notes once for both lists?


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    Answered on June 17, 2015 at 03:12 AM


    Could you share us the link to your webpage where the form is embedded?

    If there are code or script conflict issues, you can try any of the methods below.

    Method 1: Embed your form using iFrame code.

    Method 2: Use jQuery's noConflict code snippet and wrapped it to your form's default embed code.


    I'm checking your form that has a long list, I can't see a lag or hanging issues, 250 songs in a check box should still be reasonable. If you want that long list to load faster, you can try using our widgets, they should handle long list of items. Here's the widget page for that: Personally, I would recommend asmSelect widget or Select All widget.


    Let us know if that works.

    Thank you.

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    Answered on June 17, 2015 at 10:48 AM

    The problem has only started the last few weeks as I added only a couple new songs. I have a stat counter on the webpage, it's been there since day 1 and never had problems before.

    I'll check out the widgets suggestion. Thanks.

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    Answered on June 17, 2015 at 11:07 AM

    Thank you for updating us.

    Unfortunately, I can't replicate the problem. I've tested it on Chrome v42, IE 11 and Firefox v38. Here's a screencast of it.


    If it's possible, could you ask what devices, OS and web browser your form users who are having problems with your web page link are using? That would help us narrow down the culprit of the problem. 

    Please also do try using a widget and see if that gives you a better result.

    I also noticed that you are using the form's full source code. It's possible that a code conflict might be a culprit, using method 2 above (jQuery codeconflict) might help.

    We'll wait for your response.

    Thank you.


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    Answered on August 07, 2015 at 04:36 PM

    Hi, thanks for the replies.

    The problem is when someone clicks on the "Submit Form" button. Go ahead and use jotform as an email to test so I won't send you music.

    After clicking the "submit form" button the computer hangs for a minute and then the browser prompt about canceling the script or continuing the script. The prompt cites-


    It does appear if you don't give up and wait it does work sending the form to my email.



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    Answered on August 07, 2015 at 07:20 PM

    The issue is somehow related to Required validation. I have forwarded a bug report ticket to our Development Team.

    I would like to suggest disabling Required validation option until the issue is fixed.

    We will let you know once we have any updates on this.