Expanded folder options

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    Asked on June 19, 2015 at 03:39 PM

    In addition to my personal Jotform account, I also manage my work's master account. As you can imagine, that account holds hundreds of forms. Even with the current folders we have & archiving, organization is still a bit of a struggle. Here are the main issues: 

    1.) There is a very limited number of folder colors options. We have multiple users working out of the account, so for access purposes, folders work best. Unfortunately, after 4-5 colors, they are all the same which leads to confusion. I wish there were more colors to choose from that would give visual cues to the user on their folder.

    2.) Even though we have folders, we don't have the ability to have subfolders. Most of our forms are by year. We can only archive 1 year out because we need continued access due to the professional field we are in. It would be great if we could have subfolders that we could label by year. This would cut down on so much clutter. 

    I spoke with a Jotform representative, Kade, & he indicated that these features are not currently available. Is there any way to have these features? Are there any plans to expand organizational features? 

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    Answered on June 19, 2015 at 04:55 PM

    At the present additional form colors are not in the immediate pipeline, however if we get more similar request we will add it to the feature list.


    Regarding creating sub-folder this facility is already available, to do so click on the arrow next to the folder the select add new folder, this will create a folder withing the parent folder, you can nests another folder withing that sub-folder.

    This guide will also help you out regarding the creation of sub folders