Can jotform email work in an adobe pdf form that has been uploaded to jotform?

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    Asked on June 19, 2015 at 04:41 PM

    The jotform we created does not send a response to the respondent who completed the form.
    The form was developed and completed through the following steps:
    1 importing the Pure Timesheet pdf from my desktop  (Note: this pdf was never in adobecentral forms)
    2. cloning the  pdf in myforms: Clone of [PDF]Pure Timesheet
    3.  editing the clone to include a jotform submit button and email field (note: I also tested the email with same settings on a simple jotform that I created directly in jotform, and the form data was successfully sent to the respondent)
    4.  downloading the Pure Timesheet pdf to my computer (note: update of submit button to the clone automatically updated the submit button in the original Jotform from which the clone was created)
    5.  filling out the downloaded  Pure Timesheet pdf and submitting.
    Result:  the completed submission appears in MyForms.  However, an email was not sent to the respondent with the data that was submitted. 
    Conclusion:  I was able to successfully replace the adobe formcentral submit button with the jotform submit button, and the completed form was submitted to jotform.  However, replacing the adobe email function with the jotform email function did not work. 
    Question:  Can jotform email work in an adobe pdf form that has been uploaded to jotform?  If yes, how?

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    Answered on June 19, 2015 at 06:13 PM

    By default, the notifier is automatically created as soon as you save your form, but autoresponders aren't. You have to add it in the form. Since you cannot edit the PDF forms, I'm afraid that you cannot send an autoresponder email to people who submitted in the fillable PDF form.

    If you want to send out an autoresponder email, you may consider cloning the form, made the required changes, especially the formatting of fields. Create the autoresponder and use it instead of the PDF form.