Can you please make formatted fields more user-friendly?

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    Asked on June 26, 2015 at 09:44 AM

    I love your product and hate to complain about something that you offer for free but it's time for Jotform to catch up with the times.


    Almost every website with forms has this capability nowadays so it speaks to the perception of quality and professionalism of form design when users don't see this functionality in Jotform's forms.


    What I'm referring to are fields which have a specific number of characters and specific formatting like; phone numbers, dates and social security numbers.

    And automatic capitalization of proper name fields and states.


    As a software designer these are features we use in our applications because they make make work flow smoother and faster when data entry can be accomplished without having to format the data as it's entered. Anyone who does even a minimal amount of data entry will usually find it annoying to have to hit the tab key, in fields like these, to advance the cursor to the next segment or the next field.


    For example: a phone number always consists of an area code (3 digits) a local exchange or prefix (3 digits) followed by the line number (4 digits). The accepted format is the area code is enclosed within parentheses, followed by a space, then the prefix, followed by a hyphen, then the line number [ (xxx) xxx-xxxx ]

    Users should only have to enter the ten numbers and have the formatting occur automatically.


    The same is true of SSNs; a 3-2-4 format [ xxx-xx-xxxx ]. Dates are either a 2-2-2 or a 2-2-4 format. And state abbreviations are 2 characters, capitalized.


    From running a search in Jotform's forum I found that these things have been on a feature wish-list going back to 2010 so I really hope Jotform will finally address this. You have a great product and these things would make it that much better.


    For my own entry onto the feature wish-list I would ask for the capability of making at least one of several phone number fields required. For example; on a form that asks the user to list a home, work or cell phone number. At least one of the three must contain data before the submission is allowed to complete.



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    Answered on June 26, 2015 at 12:50 PM


    Thank you for your feedback. We advise our users to open one question per thread so that we can focus on one topic and for us to better assist you. I went ahead and separated some of your questions.

    For this thread, we can focus on the formatting of the fields.

    You can use Input Mask to format a text box. 


    For the phone number field, you can also enable the input mask.


    For the date field, you when non-numeric characters are typed, an error message is shown. The date value is already being validated. You can also check the new option in its properties where you can limit the dates, here's a guide: 

    You can check the sample form here:


    For the other question that you have, please refer to the following links:

    We will address them shortly.

    I hope this somehow helps. 

    Thank you.