Designer not working (Cont.)

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    Asked on June 27, 2015 at 07:51 AM

    No such button is visible to me. For the rest of this answer, I copied all of the support response into a text editor to clean away the embedded HTML/CSS for this response.

    "4. Try to respond from there instead of through email. See if you still can't reply."

    Did that several times; does not work in either Chromium 43.0.2357.81 or Firefox 38.0  

    "What Chromium Browser is that?"

    Pure Chromium; I do not use derivateve. Available through almost any Linux software repository or directly through

    "Based on this information, I think you are forcing web addresses to render HTTPS://or Secure Connection method."

    If JotForm wants to be secure, then this should not be an issue.  More accurately, what isn't being handled securely, as some of the page is coming through fine but not other parts? HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger, AdBlock or Ghostery are all showing a growing number of security / tracking violations at Jot in both Firefox and Chromium. And yet when security measures are all turned off, including forced  HTTPS, almost nothing improves.

    "a. Please try disabling force SSL rendering... when editing the form and designing the form and/or before clicking "Designer" button in the form builder."

    That worked only in Firefox; more disturbing and that needs to change; make that form fully secure.

    "Please go and try using Google Chrome..."

    Sorry but no, never. Chrome is THE most notoriously recoded spin on Chromium with Google injections that are not to be trusted.

    For the present, I have a work around in using Firefox for at least the Designer, though I do not consider this a true solution. This is poor coding if Jot has built a system that throws errors because users wish to be secure online.

    I will try to take console shots tomorrow in spare time, but for now I have already lost too much time on this issue. I appreciate the staff's get efforts (as usual), but this time, too much of it has been oriented to compromising the user for the sake of the system. Again, poor coding.

    Open your own browsers with full HTTPS enforced (like it should be) and see what errors for yourself if possible.  Do so in Firefox and then Chromium (not Chrome/Opera/etc.)

    Best, J.C.

    PS. After making this post, the editor and forum are now function correctly with full styling in Chromium... but only with zero security, and that is not acceptable.


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    Answered on June 27, 2015 at 02:39 PM

    Hi J.C,

    I am seeing that you have another open thread for this issue posted here: 

    We do ask that you only create one post per issue and update your thread to ensure that your issue has been addressed completely.

    Please post your update on your thread and it will be updated there.

    Thank you