Not getting every submission form via e-mail

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    Asked on July 02, 2015 at 03:53 PM

    This has happened a few times in the last week. I am getting about 99% of all submission forms submitted, but sometimes I do not get a few. Does it have anything with the e-mail address they enter on the form? In other words, is some SPAM filter someplace keeping it from getting through? I have checked mine, see nothing in there. Even had somebody send it two times, never got it by e-mail but see it on the JotForm web interface two times.

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    Answered on July 02, 2015 at 05:30 PM

    Pleas try the following:

    1) Copy the email address being used for submission notification:

    2) Then verify each of them to make sure they are not in bounce list:


    3) You might need to white-list our Jotmail IP addresses within your email server (or ask for it to your email service provider). Read this article for more details:


    4) Also, since it's 99% of good delivery, and only 1% of failures, this might be due to not meeting any of the conditions:

    I would recommend you to create a default email notification(not conditioned) to see if this could be happening. 


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    Answered on July 05, 2015 at 08:39 AM

    Tried all that, everything is set up correctly. Other ideas?

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    Answered on July 05, 2015 at 10:22 AM

    I checked your email notifications and I do not see the default one I suggested, which should be like this:

    If you already tried it, and delete it because it did not work, you can try using Mandrill SMTP to send emails from your own E-mail address, please check this guide:

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    Answered on August 27, 2015 at 02:56 PM

    I do not see your reply on our form, but I think that I have noticed 2 email replies in our logs:

    All was working fine, now not working again. Checked all settings, blacklists, whitelists, SPAM folders,  etc. Why does this happen every few months?


    Back to same issue.

    Now I took a look at this form: and I see that you have 11 autoresponders and 12 email notifications - all conditioned.

    This means that it is easy to miss something that is allowing some submissions to not send any emails - which is why my colleague has suggested to create a new email notification that does not have conditions on it.

    Also, please do note that that is a very high of email autoresponders / notifier, so if there is an issue in a single one, it just might cause issues with others as well.

    To test this, it might be best if you could help us by telling us what steps we should make on your form in order to recreate the same?