Widget News! Issue #21 Demystifying Forms - July 3, 2015

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    Asked on July 03, 2015 at 06:22 AM

    Hello Folks!

    We’re excited because of this weeks edition!  

    We’ve made quite a lot of improvements this past week, making it even easier to use and leverage the power of widgets on your form.


    One of the biggest challenges for web forms is how to guide users to providing accurate, relevant answers that you can use productively.


    Some form users are pretty smart, and they can fill in the blanks when a form question is not exactly clear, but for most form users, they miss the mark.


    For them, the whole form-filling process is shrouded in ambiguity and mystery.


    It is important to include all sorts of form users:

    Those who are always in a hurry

    Those who are picky about details

    Those who have no clue what you mean

    Those who know what you mean


    That’s where Jotform Widgets play a central role.

    With them, you can easily guide all users to completing your form accurately.

    You know what kind of answers to expect, so why not provide a little help in filling the form out?


    Create accurate locations with mapping widgets.

    Display possible responses with pickers and select boxes.

    Use rich content widgets to illustrate or stress a point.

    Make submissions authentic and personal with  hand-written responses.

    Protect or verify the information you are collecting with verification widgets.

    Use calculation and analytics widgets to fine tune or understand form responses.

    See our Widget Gallery for many more scenarios.


    Demystify your form with Jotform Widgets.


    System Update:

    Remember the old API setting on some of our widgets?

    It is now fully automated - so the setting will no longer be visible:

    Pretty cool, right?

    The update is effected on the following widgets:

    1.Ticket Purchases

    2. Inventory

    3. Submissions Counter

    4. Multiselect Grid

    5. Appointment Slots

    6. Gift Registry

    7. Quantity Gift Registry

    8. Random Value Generator

    9. Like and Dislike

    10.Date Reservation


    This is the first of many improvements we have lined up, so stay tuned!

    Our featured widget of the week has been used almost 60,000 times since it was created.

    It’s the third most-popular widget we have.

    The Fit Text widget provides a simple yet essential functionality for your form - adds bold text headers/headlines to your form:



    The header is responsive on all screens, and the text auto-adjusts to fit the headline background.

    We’ve updated the widget to work seamlessly to the mobile responsive widget, making it dynamically adjust for any screen size.

    Display your header or headline using the Fit Text Widget!

    A calendar picker is one of the most used fields on any web form.

    The Localized Calendar not only provides this essential feature, but allows form owners to customize the calendar according to regions and world languages:

    We added Spanish to the list of local calendar translations, and four themes that will spice up your form.

    Check out the Localized Calendar Widget in action!


    An excellent way of collecting numeric values is by using a slider. The Numeric Slider widget is an easy-to-configure slider for your form:


    We’ve optimized the slider to work with mobile screens, as well as fixed a couple of bugs.

    Select your number using the Numeric Slider Widget!

    Multiple text fields helps you add multiple text boxes quickly and easily. It is the ideal widget that can help you collect groups of values:

    We’ve optimized the widget to work seamlessly with core Jotform fields, as well as making a few layout improvements.

    Give the Multiple Text Fields Widget a spin!

    The Mini Date picker is the newest widget, which adds an essential feature to your form - a compact date picker:


    Check out the Mini Date picker here!



    This is an excellent tool for iPhone and iPad users. You can now prompt them to create a shortcut that will open your form every time they need it.


    The shortcut will be a button on their home screen that launches your form:

    We updated the widget to work with the latest iPhone and iPad, and also added the ability to customize the image which will be used for the button.

    Test out the Add to Home Screen button here!

    The field multiplier widget gives your form users the freedom to enter additional responses should they have any - its the perfect contingency for open ended questions that might have additional answers:


    We fixed a couple of compatibility and edit mode bugs, cleaned out the layout a little.

    Add a few extra fields with the field multiplier widget here!

    Fancy Checkboxes add a touch of class and simplicity to your form. The elegantly simple checkboxes impresses your form users, and lists selectable options clearly:

    A few layout improvements and minor bugs were fixed to make it even fancier.

    See Fancy Checkboxes in action here!

    Let your form be the easiest to fill out.

    It does not have to be riddled with instructions for your users to read, instead use Jotform Widgets to ease the process.

    The less of a mystery your form is, your form responses will be faster and more accurate.

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    We are always happy to hear from you, so stop by the Jotform support forum

    Till Next Time :-)

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    Answered on July 18, 2015 at 08:08 PM

    Localized calendar doesn't work on iframes.
    Please fix it soon, because i cannot use it on wordpress.