Mensagem de Erro / Submit error on allocated quota

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    Asked on July 22, 2015 at 08:31 AM

    Aparece essa mensagem após uma nova inscrição

    O que devo  fazer?

    Form over quota
    This form has passed it's allocated quota 
    and cannot be used at the moment. 

    Try contacting the owner of this form.
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    Answered on July 22, 2015 at 09:51 AM

    I took a look at your account and I see that you are actually having a guest account: guest_51835577781064.

    This is great to test out the forms, but to utilize the full power of free account you should sign up to our service (for free plan).

    The difference between the free and the guest account is that the guest account is limited to 20 submissions per month (you have 21 which is why you get the error), while free account is limited to 100 submissions per month for free.

    The other, and very important difference that once you register for your account, your forms are in your account, while the forms currently are in a guest account so anyone can claim them as their own, plus you can only edit them from one device - until the cookie gets deleted that connects you to your forms.

    So what I would suggest is to signup to free plan by going to our signup page.

    Once you do, your forms should be transferred to your new account, but if not, just let us know and we will do it for you :)