Would it work for permission slips?

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    Asked on July 28, 2015 at 08:35 PM

    I am a girl scout leader who is very sick of having to track down parents permission slips every time we have a field trip sometimes 2-3 times a month.  Would I be able to use your service to send permission slips to parents and have them sign and send back to me....I would also love the ability for them to pay for the activity as some trips have nominal charges and we are always having to chase after parents for checks.  We are not for profit and obviously can't afford to pay for service ...so would the free service you offer be sufficient for us?  When you say 10 submissions per month, does that mean I can send one permission slip to only 10 people (we have 15 in our troop) or does that mean I can send up to 10 different permission slips to as many people as I need per month?  Does it cost anything to collect money via your service?  Please advise.  Thanks!  

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    Answered on July 28, 2015 at 11:46 PM

    Hi amy,

    Thank you for your interest in using our online form templates.

    Here are the answers to your questions.

    1. Yes you can create online forms to use as a permission slip, you can also add signature fields on it.

    2. You can also integrate your forms to payment processors that we support like Paypal and Stripe. To see the list of Payment processors that we support, please check this list: http://www.jotform.com/help/323-Mastering-Payment-Form-Integrations-with-JotForm 

    3. To setup a permission slip form with payment options, here's a guide to get you started: http://www.jotform.com/help/165-Setting-Up-Your-First-Order-Form. We do not charge our users when integrating to Payment processors. These are integrated which means we do not process them in our end.

    4. When you register an account to us, you'll be in "Free" plan by default. You can remain on this plan as long as you want. But please do check the limits of each plan here: http://www.jotform.com/pricing.

    5. The limits of "Free" plan are as the following:

    100 regular submissions - when someone fills out the form and click the submit button, that is considered a submission.

    10 payments received - I believe this is where you'll have limitations. For Free plan, you are allowed to received 10 completed payments. This means when your users fill out the forms and successfully made the payment, that would already count as "1", so you are limited to 10 only.

    10 SSL submissions - this is the number of submissions that were sent and received via SSL. Here's a guide for that: http://www.jotform.com/help/63-How-can-I-receive-SSL-Submissions 


    The submission limits are per month. Please do take note that when you reach any of the submission limits, all of your forms will temporarily be disabled. To continue using them, you will either need to upgrade to a higher subscription plan OR you can wait for the submission counters to reset, which happens every 1st day of the month.

    I hope this helps. Do let us know if you need more information on this.