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    Asked on July 29, 2015 at 06:51 AM

    This applies to jotform answer/thread 603470 . 

    When I go to "Conditions" I am unable to find the option for "all fields" as shown in your response below.  My only option is to select one of the existing fields on my form.   As background, after the form is received, we need to add routing and other information but we are overloading our email accounts with notifications every time we edit/enter data in the hidden fields on our form. The screenshot below is what I get for any of the conditions selected.

    Can you advise as to what I am doing wrong?






    The problem with the workaround is that the only way to save the entry is to use the "Submit" button which sends a new email "notification" to the folks at my company.

    Please clone my test form

    user guide: -How-to-Clone-an-Existing-Form-from-a-URL

    The test form have the following feature

    1. On 1st submission it will send a Notification 

    2. But Editing Submission will NOT send Notification anymore.

    There is an Email condition on the form.


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    Answered on July 29, 2015 at 09:28 AM



    You can check the current condition setup of the form by Condition > Saved Conditions as shown below.


    If you have already added the Edited checkbox field and Hidden Textbox field in your form, you can set up the conditions by following the instructions in the sample demo below.

    Send an e-mail after submission Condition:


    Show/Hide a form field Condition:


    Do let us know if you need further assistance.