When I Click the Submit Button I get the Below and a Virus Warning

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    Asked on August 05, 2015 at 05:24 PM
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    Answered on August 05, 2015 at 08:11 PM

    Unfortunately, if you included a screenshot it wasn't posted. Please follow the instructions below about posting screenshots:

    1. Go to: https://www.jotform.com/help/image_upload.php?naked=true

    2. Click "Choose File" button and choose your image file (should be in JPG or PNG format and not more than 500KB)

    3. Click "Send Image" to upload (you should be able to see the file successfully uploaded in the image section)

    4. Select and Copy the direct file URL from the "Image URL" box

    5. In our forum editor, click the "Insert/Edit Image" button:

    6. Paste link in the "Image URL" box:

    **You should be able to adjust the image dimensions, we advise to set 550 in the first box to fit the image in the forum view.**

    You're done!

    The preceding instructions were copied from this thread

    Now, my hunch is that you have Trend Micro anti-virus software installed on your computer and you're getting a warning that our site is "Dangerous-Verified to be fraudulent or known sources of threats" Is that correct or are you experiencing a different issue?

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    Answered on August 05, 2015 at 08:25 PM
    Yes, I get the trend mirco warning and can’t see my submissions (attached). This is the second time it’s happened.
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    Answered on August 05, 2015 at 11:19 PM

    We are sorry for the inconveniences, but this is outside of our control. We have already contacted Trend Micro regarding their flagging of some of our resources that are hosted over our Amazon CloudFront CDN, but this issue is yet to be resolved on Trend Micro's end.

    We are waiting for them to white-list our resources.

    In the meantime, you can try using our link that bypasses the Content Delivery Network (CDN):


    This link only helps with accessing your JotForm forms for editing, accessing your submissions and such. You are advised to please either add us to your white-list in your Trend Micro antivirus software, or to wait for Trend Micro to update their white-list.

    Thank you for your understanding and support. :)