Is it possible to remove a file automatically after it is downloaded?

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    Asked on August 06, 2015 at 01:50 PM
    Is there a way to automatically remove the file from your site after downloading it?
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    Answered on August 06, 2015 at 02:42 PM

    There is an integration available that might help you achieve what you are after called Auto Delete Submissions.

    This app works in such way that it allows you to add integrations to your form and have the uploaded files transferred to any of them and instantly remove the submission data and the file.

    The good side of this app is that it will remove everything for you automatically.

    The bad side of it is that if there are any issues with your data, there is no way to restore it - once deleted, it is deleted forever.

    Other than that app, there is no other way to do it automatically. The only other way would be by utilizing our API, but it would require you to create a script that will do this for you.

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    Answered on August 11, 2015 at 02:52 AM

    on the app description it says that it only removes the form data not the file.

    Who is right?

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    Answered on August 11, 2015 at 05:43 AM

    Th application removes all data submitted with the form including the uploads, it is not possible to delete a particular item from a submission