How can I move my Contact Form

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    Asked on August 08, 2015 at 04:29 PM

    I want place my contact form to the right place.


    How can I do this



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    Answered on August 09, 2015 at 06:26 AM

    Are you asking about moving the central part of the contact form to one of the sides - rather than having it centered?

    If you are looking to move the questions part to the right, you can do so by injecting custom CSS into your form. To have it stick to the right, we would apply the following CSS:

    .form-all { margin-right: 0px !important; }

    Similarly, to have the form on the left side, we would not use margin-right but margin-left:

    .form-all { margin-left: 0px !important; }

    If you are asking about moving it to a specific place on the screen, we need to be careful not to mess up mobile responsiveness of your form. This means that we will have to wrap any special positioning inside an @media query that targets only bigger screens, such as 1024 pixels and above, and apply our special positioning there. Here is an example - having a form roughly about a third of the way to the right:

    @media only screen and (min-width:1024px){
      .form-all {
        margin-right: 20% !important;

    I hope this helps. Please let us know if you need further assistance in positioning your form, and we will be happy to assist you.