Show multiple orders in separate columns in excel submission report

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    Asked on August 13, 2015 at 10:21 PM

    I am using the Paypal widget.  The form itself is great! However, when i dump the data for ordering, it's throwing the orders/items in one cell. This makes it hard to  run totals in a pivot table.


    Example: I have an option to order the following.

    Registration  (Amount: 20.00 USD, Shirt Size: S)
    EXTRA - Shirt (Amount: 10.00 USD, Quantity: 1, Size: L)
    EXTRA - Pint Glass (Amount: 10.00 USD, Quantity: 1)
    EXTRA - Food Ticket (Amount: 10.00 USD, Quantity: 1)
    Total: 50.00


    This all goes into one cell.  How do i split this up to sort threw how many shirts i need to order?

    Pivot tables don't seem to work.
    Text to Columns doesn't seem to work.




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    Answered on August 14, 2015 at 03:14 AM


    When you download the submissions as an excel file, the part of the order details will be in one cell, currently, you cannot separate them automatically before downloading.

    But let me forward this to our developers as a feature request, that can be used to better improve the excel submission.

    For now, you might need to manually separate the orders in the cell, either by copy pasting OR using an excel formula (this might be tricky), that will allow you to analyze the orders better. 

    We will update you on this thread when we hear any news about the feature request.