How to repeat multiple fields?

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    Asked on August 18, 2015 at 11:34 AM


    I've created my first several forms, but am seeking some increased functionality and am not finding it described when I search support. In a nutshell I'm using your software to handle various camps involving minors registration needs at a public university. This project is ongoing and involves camps from small to quite large. As such some of the fields I need change pretty radically depending on size of camp and other factors. So, I'm seeking to understand the most elegant way to do the following:

    Repeat fields as needed. One form I'm about to develop will involve staff background checks. Large camps will submit a large number of names, small camps not so many. I don't want to send all camps a single form with 200 fields for staff names and other info. It looks like I can use conditional rules to create an "Add Another Name" button or something, but I'm not looking forward to creating the same field 200 times and building conditional rules each time. Is there a simple way to build repeat entry fields that an old desktop publishing guy like me can wrap his head around? If we get into CSS and such I'll have to come up to speed on that as I'm not much of a web code person.

    Second, many of these camps occur every year. I will have to contend with a lot of complaints if I make every established camp complete the same form every year, or in some cases every month. Is there a way for me to resend a submission and allow the camp sponsor to amend any changed data, but otherwise resubmit the same form?

    Finally, there is a lot of logistical coordination that goes on where camps are concerned. Data I am capturing includes parking needs, dining needs, facility needs, AV needs, etc. When the data come in I don't want to cut and paste the germane fields and send them to Parking Services, Dining, Event Management, or whomever, nor do I want to send all information to everybody. Is there a way to automate the process so that only the germane info is sent to the party that specifically needs it?

    Sorry to bombard you with this, but before I implement this service for the university I want to make sure I've created the most elegant process possible as I will contend with a lot of whining otherwise.

    Thanks much!


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    Answered on August 18, 2015 at 01:38 PM

    No worries, we'll try our best to help and assist you on creating your form.

    For the first question, if you want to repeat fields, you can use the following widgets to easily add multiple entries:

    However, designing them might be a challenge as they need specific CSS code. The most flexible widget on that list is the "Configurable List" widget.

    You can also try using the form collapse bar to easily divide the sections, that will also lessen the number of fields you need to declare in the conditional logic. Here's a guide on how to show/hide multiple fields using the form collapse: However, you'll still need to manually setup a number of fields.


    For the other questions, to better assist you, it would be best to separate each question per one thread. I went ahead and opened two separate threads for the last two questions you have, please refer to these links:

    We will address them shortly.

    Thank you.