My embedded form is not working across all browsers

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    Asked on August 18, 2015 at 04:40 PM

    Our wordpress site with an embedded iframe form doesn't show the entire form (thus there is no submit button) in Firefox, but it works in Chrome and Safari. When I use the Wordpress script, it works in Firefox, but not in Safari.

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    Answered on August 18, 2015 at 06:20 PM

    Looks like the script part of the iframe creates a conflict in your website when it's accessed through Firefox. In this case, I would suggest removing that. Here's your iframe code:

    <iframe id="JotFormIFrame" onload="window.parent.scrollTo(0,0)" allowtransparency="true" src="//" frameborder="0" style="width:100%; height:7812px; border:none;" scrolling="no"></iframe>

    <script type="text/javascript">window.handleIFrameMessage = function(e) {var args =":");var iframe = document.getElementById("JotFormIFrame");if (!iframe)return;switch (args[0]) {case "scrollIntoView":iframe.scrollIntoView();break;case "setHeight" = args[1] + "px";break;case "collapseErrorPage":if (iframe.clientHeight > window.innerHeight) { = window.innerHeight + "px";}break;case "reloadPage":window.location.reload();break;}};if (window.addEventListener) {window.addEventListener("message", handleIFrameMessage, false);} else if (window.attachEvent) {window.attachEvent("onmessage", handleIFrameMessage);}</script>

    Simply remove the codes that are highlighted with yellow. 

    Also, try using our WordPress plugins such as:

    Try using the Embed Form plugin first and if that is not working, please try the oEmbed plugin. But I'm sure the Embed form will work.

    The shortcode will be [jotform id="21765635924966"].