View Submissions Buttons in Form Builder

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    Asked on August 20, 2015 at 04:39 PM

    I have a feature request for usability sake that I would love to see implemented. If anyone else reads this and agrees please be sure to add your support!

    is there someway you could please add a "View Submissions" button for us while we are within editing a form?

    Right now, how it stands if we need to find a specific form's submissions, you have to search in the top bar, and catch it on the first page and right click and choose View Submissions. But if you accidentally open the form by clicking on its title, you either have to click "My Forms" and search again and try again, or hit "Back" which will take you back but not save your search so you still have to search again.

    For usability purposes it would be great if we could get a button either on the toolbar, or floated to the right, or perhaps even better for everyone else, right after the name for the form, there could be a tiny arrow that drops down and gives you all the options if you were to right click on the form to start with. There even looks like there is space on the main menu (see attached photo) just for this proposed button!

    I frequently have clients that send the emails to their junk folder and then complain about missing submissions so this would be really helpful to be able to get submissions easier.

    Thank you for reading and I really hope you will consider this. Thanks,


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