One form submission by one email ID

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    Asked on December 25, 2011 at 03:37 AM

    We would like to receive only one submission for an email ID. In the first submission user provides his/her email ID in an entry field such as "Your Email ID" and sumit his/her form. Then again tries to submit another form with same Email ID for the field value "Your Email ID". We would like form to check and disallow user to enter two forms with same email ID for the field "Your Email ID"

    I a way We are looking for a functionality where we can resitrict user to submit form by validating value of a field in the form so that there are no duplicate submissions with that field value. Email ID could be one such example as stated above. 

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    Answered on December 25, 2011 at 04:08 AM


    Currently, there is no way to limit submission entries to one per email address. What you can do instead is to limit submissions to one per IP address.

    To set your form to accept only unique submissions:

    1.  Go to Setup & Embed tab

    2.  Click the Preferences button

    3.  In the Preferences window, click the Advanced Settings tab

    4.  Set Unique Submissions to Strict Check

    You may also set to Loose Check but this can be bypassed by using another browser or clearing the browser's cookie. Strict check, on the other hand, may be disadvantageous if your target users are on the same network, using the same IP address, such as in schools or organizations. It is up to your discretion on which submission check to use.

    Hope this post was of any help to you. Contact us again if you need further help.