As a web developer, can I use a single account to build forms for multiple clients?

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    Dean Hill
    Asked on December 28, 2011 at 11:28 AM

    I'd bet the answer to this is obvious and I missed it (to many carbs over Christmas :-), but, I build web sites for folks and often, they would like a form or two. Most of the time, the client's hosting service has a form builder, but I would like a better way of doing it, short of doing the programming myself.

    Joe's Widgets, for example, would have a form I create specifically for Joe's Widgets and the data sent to Joe, while Martha's Candles would have their own form that collects data specific to Martha's busines and sends it to Martha. But I would create both forms or sets of forms from the single JotForm account. 

    Also, I'm fascinated with the idea of building some form of payment into your forms, because I'm currently working with a non-profit that has a "donate" paypal button and the client would love to incorporate the entire payment form in their own site rather than have their visitors finish the "donate" process on a PayPal page. (Many of the foundation's donors are not real technical.) 

    My question is, can I set up a premium account for myself and then use that to build forms for my individual clients, most of whom are small businesses with limited budgets?

    As an alternative, of course, I could have each client set up their own individual free account, but that would be a big nuisance, since most of them are not computer savvy, let alone web savvy. :-)


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    Answered on December 28, 2011 at 01:07 PM

    I'm also interested in the answer to Dean's question, and I will expand on it: Is there a way to set up a client's form in my own account, then subsequently link it to HIS account? Presumably this would be ONLY a premium feature. But it would be a superb way of developing forms for customers, then giving them their own login just for reviewing and/or downloading the collected data.

    Note above I used the word "link" - the ideal solution would leave the form editable in my account, so I could make updates while the client views and uses it.

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    Answered on December 28, 2011 at 03:32 PM

    I don't know about linking a form to others accounts, but I use my account for many of my clients.  If they want to be able to administer their own account then I do setup their own jotform account and give them info to login so they can change as needed.  Jotform is great to implement and simple to modify.  I love being able to use it administer many forms.  Just make sure that you do have an account that will allow for numerous sumbmissions.  Last thing you want is for your clients to not recieve from submissions becuase you aren't paying for a large enough account.

    As for Bryron's question.  Sometimes what I do is design the form on my account, then if they want to administer the site themselves i create an account for them and then create a new form using the new form from link button.  That way it downloads the form the way I set it up to their account.  If I want to rededit it, I can do the same thing in reverse.

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    Answered on December 28, 2011 at 07:46 PM

    Dean, Yes, you can use a single account to build the forms for as many clients as you wish! We do not have any restrictions on this.

    Byron, It is possible to use the password protected Reports to achieve your goal. Please take a look at the following article:

    @chiseled_images, Unfortunately, multiple access accounts are not available, but it is something we might look at in the future.

    As far as I understand you have already found our Clone existing form feature.

    Thank you all for sharing your experience with the other JotForm users.

    Have a great holidays!