My work is not saving or saving all changes

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    Asked on September 16, 2015 at 05:13 AM

    I make a lot of updates to my form and MANY when i preview the form these changes have not gone through.

    Then if i close out and come back in (bearing in mind that it says everything is saved) not only are my most recent changes not made but other areas of my form have reverted back to previous versions

    This is INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING as many times it is a lot of work to update the form

    I have no confidence that work I am doing will be saved and the form will be updated

    Can you please advise what the issue may be and how I can overcome this

    I have made sure i am logged in correctly, have saved regularly, cleared cache etc.......


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    Answered on September 16, 2015 at 09:32 AM

    We are very sorry or the inconvenience. I have cloned your form into my account to check it out, and I can see that it is quite a large form with many fields. It takes some time to load, and it also takes a while to be saved.

    The problem most likely lies in the form not being entirely saved when further edits are being made to it, so some changes are not caught by the save. The form has at least 533 active fields on it, with over 100 widgets.

    All of this makes your form slow to respond to any actions being performed on it, including the Save function. We don't set any limits on the size of form allowed in JotForm, but due to practical reasons, we don't recommend having such a large form with so many tabs. It can freeze a browser for your users who are to fill out the form, and it makes it much slower for you to add and edit conditions for the form, as well as perform other actions on it.

    Please try reducing the number of widgets or other unnecessary fields on your form, and allow a little longer time after clicking on the Save button for the form to be actually saved.

    I hope this helps.