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    Asked on September 18, 2015 at 08:50 AM

    Hi there,

    I'd like to know how an initial JotForm can be followed up by a second form to only select respondents.

    The first form is an application, and the second form, for event registration and payment, will only be sent to successful applicants.

    Additionally, this second form should include a payment system, and ideally would allow us to check off each respondent on the successful applicant list automatically when they submit and pay. Those who don't submit and pay would automatically receive a reminder email.

    Is all this possible with JotForm?




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    Answered on September 18, 2015 at 09:55 AM

    Your question seems empty. Could you please provide us details of your concern?

    We can assist you properly. We’ll wait for your response.

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    Answered on September 18, 2015 at 10:01 AM

    Sorry I was editing it!

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    Answered on September 18, 2015 at 01:23 PM

    Thank you for updating your post with more details. Your requirement may be possible for the most part, or it may require some manual work, depending on the exact workflow.

    Do you have any pre-determined way on how you will be deciding successful applicants on form 1 from unsuccessful applicants? If this is something that can be determined with conditional logic, we can use conditions to automatically send a link to the second form to people whose answers match preset conditions.

    If you will be deciding successful applicants yourself based on some other external rules, than you will have to send a link to the second form to desired people manually.

    When it comes to your second form including a payment system for accepting payments, please take a look at our guides on Order Form Basics and Setting Up Your First Order Form.

    Unfortunately, there is no way for our system to check off the people on your first form when their payment is processed on the second form. However, you can set up email notifications for both forms or manually check submissions of both forms, and see if there are people who haven't yet filled out and paid on the second form.

    We also don't have follow-up emails feature with our system at this time, so this may also need to be done manually. You can also forward emails to your mailing list on MailChimp or one of our other email related third-party integrations, and check their options for automatic follow up emails. In case that you do decide successful applicants on form 1 with conditional logic, you can also conditionally add them to your mailing list at the time the first form is submitted.

    I hope this helps. Please let us know if you need further assistance, and please post a new thread for any unrelated question so that we may support you better.