Widget News! Issue #24 Visual Cues - September 29 2015

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    Asked on September 28, 2015 at 09:19 AM

    Hello Folks!


    We have lots of great updates for you this week! The team has been hard at work to leverage qualitative functionality and features that appreciate real life solutions, and while we have lots of updates pending, we are glad to share what we have published so far.

    Some of the best methods of communication incorporate video, audio and images. This is because the brain accesses more information when an image is presented as opposed to text.

    The best kind of engagement you can hope for on your website or form is organic. This means that the form user or website visitor accesses and absorbs the information on your form via interest, as opposed to obligation (annoying click-throughs, popups and ads). Interest is normally achieved faster with illustrations, images, video and other forms of animation.

    Studies continue to show that interest is almost always short lived, so it's imperative to get to the point quicker or sooner. Your web form is no exception. You need to find creative ways of communicating your point quicker and without ambiguity. Using textual explanations might work, but images, video and sound are always the way to go.

    JotForm widgets make the process of illustrating your point seamless, quick and easy.

    With nearly 400 widgets in 18 Categories to choose from, you can use images, video, sound and animation to make concise and highly engaging forms.

    Visual Cues help your users know what to do next without the need of reading through a technical brief or a set of instructions.

    JotForm Widgets are packed with visual cues that help in the process of navigation, illustrating a point, presenting a value or providing live feedback.


    The Form Tabs widget helps your form users navigate your multi-page form with incredible ease. While respecting field validation checks on each page, users can skip between pages by clicking the appropriate tab at the top of the form:

    We’ve fixed bugs that caused loss of formatting and correct navigation - refactored and optimized code for faster page parsing.

    You can now switch between your form pages with lightening speed. Check out Form Tabs in action!

    The Checklist is our most popular widget, used over 102,000 times, taking nearly 10% of all usage statistics. It’s a checklist that just works:

    We’ve added an optional feature where a user can add an extra “other” item on the checklist.

    See the Checklist Widget in Action here!

    The Appointment Slots widget prevents double booking by presenting available time slots in a simple checklist format:

    The widget prevents further booking once all the slots are picked out.

    We fixed an API bug that prevented counting submitted values properly.

    Organize your appointment times with the Appointment Slots widget here!



    Audio Boom is a premier sound sharing service that allows you to record, upload, edit and listen to audio content online. With the Audioboom.fm widget, you can easily share sound clips on your form for your users to instantly listen to:

    We’ve made backward compatibility updates for  Internet Explorer 8 and 9, and also fixed a bug that prevented form submission.

    Listen to a sound clip with the Audioboo.fm widget here!




    Facebook is undoubtedly the second-most used website on earth according to Alexa. The JotForm Facebook Comments widget is arguably an excellent choice of engagement between your form users and forms, allowing them to engage in conversation with you right from your form:

    We’ve fixed a broken layout and updated to the latest Facebook SDK.

    Drop a comment and see the Facebook Comments widget in action!




    Scrollable Text is a useful widget when you have a lot of text to show on your form. Since vertical space is precious on any web page, this widget shortens your form vertically by introducing a vertical scrollbar on your form text fields:

    We’ve fixed bug that prevented widget from working on multi-paged forms.  

    Check out the Scrollable Text widget in action here!



    The Random Value Generator widget is an excellent choice if you want your form  to automatically assign random numbers on your form submissions. The numbers can be used as license keys, shipping codes, support ticket numbers, transaction IDs among other uses:

    The widget comes with features that can customize the format of the generated code.

    We’ve added a backend API check to establish uniqueness - no two generated codes will ever be alike on your form. You can also hide the field on your form.

    Get your auto-generated code with the Random Value Generator here!


    The Knob Canvas is an ingenious way of collecting numeric values through a knob that users can swipe or drag to increase or decrease the knob value. It’s an intuitive and interactive way to collect accurate numeric values for virtually any purpose:

    You can now set the default value for the knob when the form opens.

    Check out the Knob Canvas widget here!


    JotForm Widgets greatly simplify your form by illustrating your point; providing visual cues for your form users.

    We’re always happy to hear from users.

    Just the other week, one of our users gave us feedback concerning one of our widgets. He had apparently found more than one bug, and took the time to outline each issue. He was quite candid about his experience with the widget. This and many more interactions with our users help us keep a clear head and objective when releasing updates - so thank you!

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    Until next time,

    The JotForm Widgets Team

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