can I create a password acces form?

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    Asked on September 29, 2015 at 01:56 PM

    I´m making a "press" access in a web, can I create a "User registration to login an go to the form as the image that I send?

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    Answered on September 29, 2015 at 03:01 PM


    Unfortunately, JotForm has no password protect feature yet.

    However, you may want to consider this alternative method.  Keep in mind that we do not allow for "password" field in the form, label the field "code" rather than "password":

    1. Create a textbox for the code

    2. Add a Form Collapse field after the code.

    Set the "Visibility" to "Hidden"
    Set the "Status" to "Open"

    3. Go to "Setup & Embed" and click "Conditions" to access the "Conditions Wizard"

    Choose "Shoe/Hide a form field" and click Next

    4. Use this condition. When the user types "Awx113!" as the code it will immediately show the Form-Collapse field along any field below it. Thus, simulates the hiding of all form items until the code is correct.

    This will only show the contents of your form to those with the code.

    If you have any further questions, let us know and we will be happy to help.