How can we remove/edit the subject line when a form is submitted and emailed to a client?

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    Asked on October 01, 2015 at 11:38 AM

    Currently this is what is emailed- EDIT: TestClient Name Responded to PCN-0010


    We'd like to remove EDIT from the subject line.


    Thank you,

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    Answered on October 01, 2015 at 01:38 PM

    It looks like that the email is received after someone edit the submission. The EDIT text is generally added only when the emails are triggered after the form is submitted by editing the existing submission. Unfortunately, there is no workaround to remove the EDIT text and it indicates that the submissions is being submitted after editing.

    Hope this information helps. 

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    Answered on January 07, 2016 at 04:28 PM

    Hi Kiran, 

    Thank you for responding on this issue. I see comes up often in the forums, and there are many applications where after using the edit link, we may want emails to look normal, and that having "EDIT: at the beginning could confuse some. The ability to choose if emails sent on edit have that in
    the title would be very helpful. 

    thank you, 

    Alex Souders

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    Answered on January 07, 2016 at 06:27 PM


    Since this is a old thread, I've moved your question to a new thread which will be addressed shortly.