How to map sub-fields via Zapier

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    Asked on October 07, 2015 at 03:30 PM



    I need to connect Jotform to Webmerge, which I am doing using Zapier.It's quite Ok, but I have a unsolved question.

    I want to extract some subfields of composite fields (eg. first subfield of a fullname field , or city subfiled of an adress field) and map them into specific webmerge fields. So far I can only map Jotform fields to Webmerge variables, but not subfields.

    Is there some syntax I can use that would refer to this parts ?



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    Answered on October 07, 2015 at 05:31 PM

    Thank you for contacting us.

    We can strip fields in Jotform (e.g. {address:city}, {fullName:first}), but it seems that our Zapier integration does not provide mapping options for such sub fields. I have attached a feature request ticket to this thread and forwarded it to our Development Team for consideration.

    What you can try is - Jotform Webhook -> Zapier -> Webmerge. With webhook post data you should be able to individually map each field. In other words it will be 'Webhook to Webmerge' Zap.

    I have not tested it with Webmerge, but Zapier to Email worked fine on my side.

    We will let you know if we have any updates on this.