Widget News! Issue #25 Specificity - October 14 2015

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    Asked on October 09, 2015 at 09:08 AM

    Hello Folks!

    We’re happy to announce on the latest updates from the Widget Team.

    We’ve received lots of feedback - so lots of lessons learnt, and adjustments made!

    The JotForm widget team dynamically responds to user feedback, and makes necessary adjustments in adding and managing widgets through the JotForm Form Builder.

    We’re still hard at work fixing and improving widgets, as we address each requested and escalated issue from our users, and as often as possible. As some of the updates are published, we will be announcing each of the latest changes on widgets through the Widget News.

    Many concepts and ideas, especially in science, are proved via specificity.

    To paraphrase - Specificity means giving a simple answer to a simple question.


    It’s very easy to lose sight of the objective of any question - this is because we have all grown up differently, and the things that influence our lives may not necessarily influence others. As a webform owner or creator, you will probably use what is familiar to ask a question. You might not get the answer you require, because your form users may understand your question differently.

    Specificity applies when you tighten the scope of your answer - from general or open ended to specific and precise.

    It may look easy enough on the surface, but it can be incredibly hard to communicate what kind of answers you expect.

    This is one area where widgets meet the need for specificity with incredible clarity, for example:

    Collecting accurate dates and/or date ranges in the correct format using Date and Time widgets.

    Limit possible answers to lists in Picker Widgets and Select Boxes Widgets

    Specify the format of the answers you expect to receive with Multiple Entries Widgets

    Collect different types of measurements and numerical values with Calculation Widgets

    The flexibility of JotForm Widgets allows form owners to be as specific as possible when creating their form. It’s much like a scientist conducting a chemical experiment with specific measures for each of the chemical reagents; specificity.  

    Here are the latest updates:


    The Date Picker widget not only looks good on your form, but helps you collect accurate dates as selected by your form users:

    We have fixed required validation, interaction with form collapse sections and the script embed method of sharing forms.

    It’s an excellent choice for picking out dates - see the Date Picker here.


    Google Maps® has made great strides towards automated mapping, location addresses and geographic solutions. One of the ways Google Maps® leverages innovation is through distance calculation. The Driving Distance widget is powered by the Google Maps API, and it allows you to automatically calculate the distance between two locations:


    We have revamped the layout, added autocomplete on both input fields, and added an auto-calculate feature that returns the distance between the two locations automatically.


    Check it out and test the Driving Distance widget here.  

    The Location Coordinates widget is also powered by Google Maps®, and allows users to narrow down their location to an incredible accuracy:


    Each submission comes with a downloadable CSV file, which you can later upload to your handheld GPS Devices.

    Check out the Location Coordinates widget here.

    A familiar interface often inspires confidence when entering values on a form. The IOS 7 Date Widget is inspired by the IOS 7® mobile interface, and helps users easily pick out a date using an interface most are familiar to:

    We’ve cleaned up the layout a little.

    Check out the iOS 7 date here.


    Much like the iOS 7 date, the iOS 7 time also presents a familiar interface where users can select time values on your form:


    We’ve revamped the layout, adding two stunning themes to match your form.


    Check out the iOS 7 Time Picker widget here.  


    Reservation is one of the leading reasons why webforms are absolutely essential. This widget cuts to the chase with a couple of date input fields. With the Check in Check out widget, you can easily allow users to confirm a date range reservation:

    We’ve revamped the layout for a better responsive design.

    Try the Check in Check out widget here!

    The Advanced Color Picker widget allows users to visually select the color they want. The color value is submitted as an accurate and precise hex value:

    We’ve fixed manual entry for color, plus a few UI updates to optimize the layout.

    Check out the Advanced Color Picker Widget here.

    The Substring widget has a fairly technical name, but all it does is copy part or all of the  text from one form field to itself. It’s incredibly useful if your form uses a combination of what the user types in to generate another value.

    You can use it to generate an email address, a coupon code, or just to evaluate a part of the text that your form user types in:


    We’ve fixed a couple of bugs that prevented the widget from loading.

    Check out the Substring Widget here.


    JotForm Widgets are built and designed with solutions in mind, which is why you can design your form to be as specific as you would like. Collect values with specificity.

    As always, we thank our users for their feedback. It helps us maintain widgets, keeping your forms looking and working great!

    Thank you for subscribing to our weekly widgets newsletter.  Lots of our users are still signing up, so go ahead and subscribe if you haven’t already.  


    Until next time,

    The JotForm Widgets Team

    Google Maps ® and iOS 7 ® are trademarks of their respective companies and/owners.