Date Reservation widget: weekends can be selected even when Allow Weekends is set to NO

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    Asked on October 08, 2015 at 11:37 PM

    I'm using the Date Reservation Widget.


    1) I indicate NO weekend reservations.

    But when I click on a Friday... the weekend dates appear again.

    2) Also, the data is not being sent via email. It just has the time slot reserved but NOT the actual day of the week or month.

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    Answered on October 09, 2015 at 08:59 AM

    We are very sorry for the inconvenience. I can reproduce the bug with the Date Reservation widget allowing weekends to be selected even when weekends are disabled in the preferences.

    You can fix this yourself and make sure that weekend days are completely disabled for your users by adding the following custom CSS to each of your Date Reservation widgets on your form:

    .ui-datepicker-week-end { pointer-events: none !important; opacity: 0.35 !important; }

    You can do so by clicking on the wand-shaped icon of the widget, switching to its Custom CSS tab, and pasting the code there. Please refer to the image below for visual guidance:

    After adding this to each of your Date Reservation widgets, the CSS code in them will be preventing your users from ever selecting the weekend dates in these widgets.

    I have also forwarded this thread to our developers, so that we can fix this option in the widget - so that there will be no need for using Custom CSS in the future. We will let you know through this thread when this bug is fixed. Thank you.

    In order to prevent confusion with the bug report that was raised in this thread, I have split your question regarding data in your email notifications here:

    We will be supporting you with that issue there, shortly.

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    Answered on October 09, 2015 at 04:01 PM

    Thank you!

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    Answered on October 09, 2015 at 05:12 PM

    You are most welcome, I am happy that the offered workaround was able to resolve the issue for you right away.

    We will also let you know when this is properly fixed on our back-end by our developers.

    Kind regards

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    Answered on August 11, 2016 at 06:43 AM

    Sorry for the late update - 

    The weekend setting is fixed and should work as expected. 

    Please check it out - thank you.