Smart Form that searches for healthcare providers within networks

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    Wayne Morris 
    Asked on October 15, 2015 at 05:42 PM
    Please let me know if your software has the ability to perform a data search on multiple external Websites and return search results for In-Network Doctors and Hospitals.
    Here are a few of the links to search for providers.  The initial form would require the following information: 
    1. City, State or Zip Code
    2. Network
    3. Doctor or Hospital Name
    The software could search all carriers  or include a check box to select specific ones.
    Step 1: Sample Searches
    Enter City, State or Zip Code (85308)
    Banner (under Hospitals)
    Cerato (under Doctors)
    Step 2: Select All or Multiple Networks
    Cigna - Local Plus Network

    Step 3; Prescription Drug Search (Optional)

    The same type of search could be done for Prescription Drugs to determine if they are covered and tier level.

    Note: Most of this information is also available in PDF files, but online searches are frequently updated and more accurate.

    You can also check the Provider Search button on our Website, which requires each carrier to be manually selected and does not provide all network options.

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    Answered on October 16, 2015 at 01:59 AM


    I image you want a one stop shop form where users can easily search provider networks, and the form would return information on the healthcare provider and location as you've outlined. 

    Unfortunately - Jotform does not have that inherent ability - this is because nothing like that has been implemented.

    If it was to be implemented as a new feature, I've noticed that we might run into the following constraints: 

    1. The provider networks do not seem to allow third party integration services (requesting searching and returning results  using an API {application programming interface} or a shared database available to brokers - or something similar )

    2. We would need access to provider network search API (s) (application programming interface) or database/datasheets for that to be implemented


    It would be easier to implement a search feature if the information was available from a single searchable source - which I imagine is not the case? 

    Let us know.