This is an amazing product! We want to utilize every feature and we need your input.

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    Asked on October 23, 2015 at 05:27 PM

    Greetings JotForm,

    My name is Jason Green and I work for Clearesult in Boulder, CO. I am the office Operations Associate and I am in charge of a multitude of small and large tasks/projects requested by our director, managers, and administrative assistants. 


    Can JotForm meet our needs?

    I am researching new form tool options. Our needs for more complex features are increasing and we must work around the limitations of our current tools to complete our work.

    We currently use Google Forms, Formsite, and iAuditor for use in and outside of our office. We use Google forms and Formsite for internal use and iAuditor for external audits for our Advisors and Inspectors. These applications are limiting our abilities and I'd like to know if JotForm could meet our current needs.

    I downloaded the JotForm iOS application and would like to know if there are any plans to allow the forms to be filled out and saved without an internet connection and then synced when an internet connection is available. We use iAuditor for our audits, however the program is extremely limited without the ability to use Conditional Logic or Formulas. iAuditor layouts are difficult to edit and limited to one field item per line. Our audits are sometimes too complex and can be confusing to operate based on the form size and navigation issues within their iOS application. We must work around their absence of features and modify/remove our logic in order to get the information we need. Their export/import options are tedious, strenuous, and error prone. Overall iAuditor works for our stripped-down needs, but we want to do so much more!!!

    We could completely replace the use of Google forms and iAuditor if it were possible to use JotForm without an internet connection and the ability to sync once a connection was available. Assignable forms would allow our scheduling department to prepopulate form data with our customers information and then assign forms or sets of forms to our users (Field Technicians, Advisors, Auditors, Inspectors, etc). When synced, our current iAuditor forms are very difficult to tell apart within their results archive and again error prone.


      • Do you have a beta program for testing new features or your iOS applications?

      • Would JotForm like to see how we use iAuditor or more about the features we seek?


    This is amazing software and I'm excited to create some new forms to present to our director and team members. I'm sad I've spent the last few years not using JotForm...


    Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing back from JotForm.

    ~ Jason Green


    Jason V Green
    Operations Associate
    EnergySmart 303.544.1000  •  SmartRegs 303.544.1001

    Office 303.325.7650  •
    1722 14th Street, Suite 210  •  Boulder, CO 80302

    We change the way people use energy™

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    Answered on October 23, 2015 at 07:52 PM

    Hi Jason! I am glad to know you like JotForm. Unfortunately, when it comes to using JotForm offline, this is not possible, because JotForm is a web based service and it requires an internet connection in order to fill the web forms.

    A way to use JotForm to fill offline is by using Fillable PDF forms, however, it has limitations. You may read everything you need to know about Fillable PDF forms here:


    O regards of IOS App, check or blog post about our latest release:

    Available for download in the iTunes App Store:


    Hope this information helps, let us know if you have more questions, we will be glad to assist you.