Text boxes created using jotform are not working in chrome & safari browsers

  • Sreekanth Reddy
    Answered on January 18, 2012 07:15 AM


    I had created a form using jotform and placed in my blog.

    Text boxes are not responsive in chrome and safari browsers.

  • idarktech Jotform Support
    Answered on January 18, 2012 07:38 AM

    Hi Sreekanth,

    This CSS code is blocking your form that's why the form isn't clickable. I think this affects not just the form but also to some parts of your website..

    You can find this code inside submission-of-paper-for-ece.html, just delete this as I think it's not needed. 

    #outer {

    width: 750px;

    height: 350px;

    background: url(filters.jpg) no-repeat right bottom;

    position: relative;


    I hope this helps. Please feel free to let us know if you need any further assistance with regards to this. Thank you for using JotForm!