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    Asked on October 31, 2015 at 07:36 PM

    I've been using jotform for about 2 years.  The HIPAA question comes up again and again.  Referring people to the 2013 response shows an unwillingness at jotform to meet the needs of medical based users.  I'm presently looking for a way to convert my forms to make them portable to another service that offers the Business Associate Agreement required by HIPAA.  Like others, I certainly cannot stand to be charged with a law violation, fines, or imprisonment.  I love jotform, but I love my freedom and security as well.

    So, can you tell me how to convert my existing forms into documents I can use elsewhere?



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    Answered on October 31, 2015 at 08:43 PM

    Update (April 19, 2018) HIPAA is available for our Gold & Silver plan.



    Please read this post from our manager when it comes to HIPAA: https://www.jotform.com/answers/333046-is-JotForm-HIPAA-Compliant

    Yes, you can download your forms submissions as Excel/CSV/PDFhttps://www.jotform.com/help/73-How-to-Partially-Download-Form-Submissions-as-Excel-CSV-PDF

    Let us know if you have more questions, we will be glad to assist you.

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    Answered on November 02, 2015 at 10:32 AM


    Are you sure you read my post?  Here we are near the end of 2015 yet you have referred me to the very same 2013 response regarding HIPAA.  I would have thought 2 years would have been sufficient to develop and implement a plan to comply with the stringent HIPAA law.

    I'm disappointed that your best answer is "it doesn't fit our business plan."

    By the way, my question about downloading the forms was not about downloading submissions.  The question is how can I retrieve the blank forms that I built?  I've always been able to download the submissions as pdf documents.


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    Answered on November 02, 2015 at 02:42 PM

    Hi Jack,

    Sorry for confusion.

    Actually JotFrom only does not have HIPAA compliance certificate , but if you follow these advices that are also in the post Is JotForm HIPAA compliant ?you will be using JotForm in a way that is required to be HIPAA compliant.

    Here the advices

    1. Always use SSL (https) version of JotForm site on your browser. Use "https://www.jotform.com" to login to your account, create your forms, look at your submissions and link to your forms.

    2. Edit emails on all forms to make sure no specific information is used on them. We send emails in plain text. So, they are not secure. Only use emails to get alerts to know there is a new submission. Once you receive an email alert, log into the secure JotForm site and then look at the user 

    3. If you use the Reports feature only do it with password protection. That will both ask for a password, and it will transfer all data over SSL.

    4. Same for uploads. They are not password protected.

    5. Logout immediate after you are done with the site.

    6. Regularly download submissions and then delete them.


    All forms are now secure by default, you can read more about it in this post : 


    But if you want to add security to your forms you can refer this guide : 



    In regards to download your forms, this guide could help you : 


    I hope that helps.

    If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us.

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    Answered on April 13, 2018 at 10:07 AM

    Great news! JotForm now offers HIPAA compliance. This means users in the healthcare industry can use JotForm to collect sensitive patient information through consent and onboarding forms, medical history updates, online bill payments, and prescription refill requests. 

    HIPAA-compliant forms require a Gold pricing plan, which is only $99 a month or a Silver pricing plan, which is $39 a month. A business associate agreement (BAA) is also available upon request.

    For more information about our HIPAA-compliant forms, visit www.jotform.com/hipaa

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    Answered on April 19, 2018 at 09:42 AM

    Update: HIPAA is available for the Silver plan as well.