i need to submet my abstract to particpate in the confrance

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    Mervat.A. Babair 
    Asked on November 01, 2015 at 01:43 PM

    i knew lately about the conference and i tried to send my abstract by email on the 30th of october then i got an email asking me to submit my subtract to this link
    it's very important for me to participate in this conference because we need to present the case of our school as it is the only PDS in the middle east



    Professional Development Schools: A Case Study of Princess Noura University Schools




    Being the only professional development schools in the Middle East, Princess Noura University Schools exhibits unique educational value. The present paper will illustrate the experience of princess Noura universty schools from different perspectives including training and cooperation and collaborations with different institutions.  


     In the context of the current reforms in education,  the case of Noura universty schools  will be discussed from the perspective of developing teachers' practical knowledge. As Princesses Nora University has a collaboration with the college of education, we also targeting the professional and educational development of university students who are conducting their internships in our schools.  Such professional development includes developing  teachers' existing knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes that relates to the context of learning. Teachers' practical knowledge is conceptualized as action-oriented and person-bound. As it is constructed by teachers in the context of their work, practical knowledge integrates experiential knowledge, formal knowledge, and personal beliefs. To capture this complex type of knowledge, multimethod designs are necessary to be utilized. On the basis of theliterature review, it is concluded that long-term professional development programs are needed to achieve lasting changes in teachers' practical knowledge. In particular, it is well documented that the following strategies are potentially influential: (a) learning in networks, (b) peer coaching, (c) collaborative action research, and (d) the use of cases. In any case, it is recommended that teachers' practical knowledge be investigated at the start of a reform project, and that changes in this knowledge should be monitored throughout the project. In that way, the reform project may benefit from teachers' expertise. Moreover, this makes it possible to adjust the reform so as to enhance the chances of a successful implementation.




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    Answered on November 01, 2015 at 07:04 PM


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