Seting a default value for dropdown based on another dropdown selection

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    Asked on November 06, 2015 at 08:59 AM

    Can I preselect an option in dropdown list B based on the selection in dropdown list A?

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    Answered on November 06, 2015 at 10:40 AM

    Unfortunately, you can't set a dropdown default value based on another dropdown. However, you can use the "Update form field value" condition in order to update a text box field based on the dropdown selection. Here's a demo form:

    Here's a guide on how to do it:

    1. Create a dropdown field and a text box field.

    2. Click the "Conditions" button in the toolbar.

    3. Select the "Update a Form field value" condition.

    4. Here, it shows you that if "Age" is equal to "0-2 years old", then the "Infant/Babies" text will be inserted in the Output field which is "Category".

    5. You need to do this in the other items.

    Alternatively, you can use the dynamic dropdown widget in order to achieve this.

    Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.