Can CSS and Scripts Be Included in Thank You Page?

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    Asked on November 07, 2015 at 06:06 AM

    Hi !!


    So glad to have you to help me ! i couldn't make it without you.


    I would like to include css code like the one on this page in the "thank you" part of the form.


    It would be a map for the user to join the other "formers" next to him.


    Is it just possible to include this css in that part of the form ??



    Thanks for your help.




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    Answered on November 07, 2015 at 09:04 AM

    Hi Jonathan,

    We're happy to help you as best as we can. I've had a look at the Leaflet quick start guide. Now, while it would be possible to include the CSS, due to security restrictions to protect our system you won't be able to include the script elements. However, as an alternative you could put all the requisite Leaflet code on a web page of your own and redirect users to that page. To do that, open the Thank You wizard, click the Redirect to Page button

    and enter the URL of that page in the box indicated below:

    Do let us know if you need further help with this.