Is Jotform appropriate for me?

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    Asked on January 26, 2012 at 06:26 PM


    Wondering if you can help me with my needs?

    Embedded Survey
    I want to create a survey embedded in a website. It is mostly yes/no questions with perhaps one or two free-text entry fields. I expect it will span about 5 pages (there are 5 sections).

    Respondent to Keep a Record
    While I do want to collect the results of the survey, it is also to serve as a gap analysis tool for the respondent. I want the respondent to be able to keep a record of their responses. Perhaps the completed survey could be emailed to them as a pdf as part of the submission process.


    Response aggregation

    Is Jotform results collection limited to a text email only? How do I easily compile and visualise the responses?


    Professional Image
    The website is of a industry organisation so it is not appropriate for the respondent to have to print each page of the survey as they go. It should be professional and easy for them.

    Ongoing and Periodic Use
    The survey is for members of the organisation (currently only about 40 members). It is expected they will do the survey a first time, and then repeat it at some later date (perhaps periodically) to update their progress. It looks like the free/basic jotform scheme would be fine for this usage?

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